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“Going in one more round when you don’t think you can. That’s what makes all the difference in your life.” – Rocky Balboa

Being an avid runner for the past few years drew my attention to travel to out-of-state races. I came across an annual Rocky Run that happens in Philadelphia in November. A race centered around Rocky Balboa, a childhood hero of mine was definitely a must-do. Especially being able to run up the Rocky Steps was always a bucket-list item!

Upon arrival at night in downtown Philadelphia, I paid my respects to the Rocky Statue.

The weather was cold and crisp during the entirety of the trip. At the starting line, everyone is keeping warm to “Eye of the Tiger” being blasted on huge speakers! It felt great being around fellow fans. Some even decided to dress up in their own way. Sporting some American flag shorts or a boxing robe.

I was able to “Go the Distance,” but the 10-Miles did create some muscle soreness. So much so I found myself hobbling through the rest of my tour.

After coming across the a guide to the Rocky filming locations, I embarked on my site seeing tour through all of the famous locations after the race. Even got a Philly cheesesteak for lunch at Max’s Steaks featured in Creed.

While sitting in the same booth, a beautiful young lady asked if she could sit with me. I was floored! A scene right out of the Creed movie. I felt like I was being punk’d. We got to know each other over our “jawns.” Was the Universe playing a joke on me?

To conclude my trip, I made a new friend at The Rocky steps who filmed my own epic run to the top! Sore ankles and all.

Charles Ellison

Author Charles Ellison

I create digital paintings of pop culture, movies, icons and anything that inspires me. Time flies when I’m creating something that begins to take shape. It’s been great transitioning from traditional pencil and paper to work digitally. A tablet and stylus has really brought my artwork to life!

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