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Art is Conceived on Virgin Territory

Hospital where I was born in West Covina, CA

How do you feel when you receive inspiration for a new artistic expression?

Any artistic idea feels like divine instructions from God, or the Universe. Inspired ideas are attached to a strong feeling. It can be an impression starting in the mind, makes it’s way to the gut and finally to the heart.

I’d imagine Mary, the mother of Jesus felt that way when she received news from the Angel of God she’d conceive an expression for the betterment of mankind.

Artistic expression is met with agents of frustration. They can be some of the people closest to you. Outside forces might not understand your idea for a book or musical interpretation while it’s hidden inside of you. Especially, when art is in it’s incubation period.

Joseph didn’t understand what was about to happen to Mary. Neither would anyone else.

As we embark on our journey to express the gift we have inside of us, another agent launches an attack. Self-doubt. What we currently know will be challenged. Will we be willing to go to another level to see our art come to fruition?

Herod got word of a new, and more powerful king that was to take over his dominion. A brand new mindset which threatened his territory. His solution was to kill every first born son.

Be careful of your own self doubt. If you aren’t careful, it has the capacity to kill other inspired ideas in their infancy and spread to other areas of your life. To the point you are left frozen, and lack the motivation to take action.

We’re all vessels of taking raw ideas and bringing them into form to change the world. That might not mean you’ll make a million dollars on your next book or painting. But your action alone might inspire another to take action, and spread the gospel of art to the ends of the earth. Thanks for the quote Jesus!


Charles Ellison

Author Charles Ellison

I create digital paintings of pop culture, movies, icons and anything that inspires me. Time flies when I’m creating something that begins to take shape. It’s been great transitioning from traditional pencil and paper to work digitally. A tablet and stylus has really brought my artwork to life!

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