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If I begin to draw a circle

and close it it becomes a closed Circle that’s kind of neat kind of nifty right very helpful rather than trying to You Know sketch in a circle two finger tap to undo that I want to bring bring down my pencil size I’m going to redo that Circle and do it like this

see that I want to put my pencil right at the top of the head I’m just going to start drawing it’s not going to be perfect all the way down like this and it becomes a straight line like so I’m going to find roughly where the where the eyes are if I look at my head the eyes look kind of like right right in the middle of the head more or less

so I’m going to try and do that I’m going to draw a line

it’s going to be straight if I keep on holding down I think because I have my my pen my apple pencil kind of tilted it’s giving me kind of like a little shading yeah watch this if I just if I draw the line from the tip

like this

I get a sharper line

however if I kind of tilt my apple pencil it’ll give me a little bit of shading

totally different line

see that then I’m going to draw another Circle down at the bottom roughly around here

and then do something like this again I can use my bounding box tools I can zoom in a bit and I can judge

use this to judge where his chin should be

for a bit again I’m using the the center of the circle is going to be right at the intersection of the line that’s going right down the middle of the face and the bottom of my head Circle I’m going to create a circle

nah okay something like this the bottom of the ear is roughly uh about right here I think

I’m going to scale this down just a tad and then what I’ll do is can I mirror this wondering if I can mirror my ear if I if I swiped to the left I can duplicate this there we go

then if I hit the little arrow icon up at the top can I flip horizontal yep down at the bottom there’s this little button next to or under a free form it says flip horizontal let’s do that move come on there we go

this over here

okay so now we’ve got our ears for the most part

Charles Ellison

Author Charles Ellison

I create digital paintings of pop culture, movies, icons and anything that inspires me. Time flies when I’m creating something that begins to take shape. It’s been great transitioning from traditional pencil and paper to work digitally. A tablet and stylus has really brought my artwork to life!

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