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I’m just trying to mirror the other side I probably could have just erased all of this and then just did a a flip if I really wanted to walk on the wild side let’s try this I’m going to select

with a rectangle I’m going to go from The Middle all the way down like so

then I’m going to erase all of this

it’s going to be larger larger again I’m walking on the Wild Side here if I duplicate this I can transform this

I can mirror or flip horizontal

and I can move this over like so

bam done remember how I was saying that I have all kinds of problems with trying to draw to try and get things symmetrical to make things uh make make things work well there you go that’s the Beauties appropriate folks look how quickly I was able to do that too really quick now I’ve got the basic pieces of my Batman right

I should have done that from the from the get-go what was I thinking

what was I thinking

but you live and you learn right something like that

you know the amount of frustration that it took like when I was a kid and I’d be sketching you know in the in the back of the car you know you’d be on I’d be on a long trip and I’d be sketching and drawing cartoons and stuff and to try and get

everything to be symmetrical like this was it was very very difficult for me as a kid but now with procreate if you’re a kid now well you’ve got all the tools at your disposal come on come on line up there we go yeah kids have all kinds of tools at their disposal don’t don’t they Sam

they have a lot of resources

some have resources that they don’t even know about

like this

connect that we’ll connect the nose a little bit

and we’re doing pretty good here next we could probably get into a little bit of shading

Charles Ellison

Author Charles Ellison

I create digital paintings of pop culture, movies, icons and anything that inspires me. Time flies when I’m creating something that begins to take shape. It’s been great transitioning from traditional pencil and paper to work digitally. A tablet and stylus has really brought my artwork to life!

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