In our conversation, Michael Palazzolo, founder and visionary of Safety King Air Duct Cleaning discusses how smiling over the phone can improve a conversation. Emotions are contagious, even over the phone. Find out how your unseen facial expressions can translate over the airwaves.

In This Episode

  • Your energy transfers over the phone
  • Use signs and mirrors to remind yourself to smile
  • Imagination controls your life, it rules the roost
  • The only way to become anything is to control yourself

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Charles: Well going back to smiling, you have signs all over Safety King that say to smile.

Mike: Right.

Charles: You’re stuck with your own energy. If you got this ungodly don’t touch me, don’t talk to me thing inside you and feel about you, it goes right through the phone, goes right through the building. Well, Mike, you even have mirrors next to the phone as well. You’ve got the sign, and you have the mirror next to the phone. So, when a customer service representative is on the phone, they see what they look like. Right?

Mike: Yes.

Charles: Was that done deliberately?

Mike: Absolutely. Sure, you want to see yourself, smile, you’re talking to another person. We used to have mirrors in my house and my mother, knowing that we were all kind of moving into narcissism, I thought it was kind of cute. We had a big one in the living room, over the fireplace, so where we would move, and on our way to the kitchen. That was one of the stopping-off points. “Move along, move along. Don’t hang out there too long. Don’t fall in love.” That was another one. “Don’t fall in love.”

Charles: Yeah, with your image, huh?

Mike: “Don’t fall in love.” My mother came to my office once. She was with Joe Sheryl, my partner. She walked in, looked around, she walked away. It was the only time she was ever there. I remember her saying, “Always keep a pen and paper right next to the phone. And smile into it.” And I went to a class on telephone techniques it was called. Yeah, $39.95, one of those things that came around years and years ago.

Charles: Yeah, telephone etiquette and all that.

Mike: The first thing they tell these people, to smile into the phone. Why would you smile into the phone? It’s for you. You get in a better mood. You do. I swear. You automatically get in a better mood.

Charles: But that mirror creates a positive atmosphere within an office.

Mike: It’s the only way you can make an image. Image is the beginning of the word imagination. Imagine, nation. -Tion is movement, it’s action. -Tion is the movement of anything, so that word consequently means that. That’s what you’re doing.

Charles: That’s great, Mike.

Mike: Your imagination controls your life. Your imagination rules the roost. One guy said that getting ahold of your imagination is the whole of life. Most people imagine bad things happening to them. In fact, they think they deserve it. There was one guy talking about being a man among men. Well, the person that you control to become a man among men is you. You can’t do it any other way. You can’t control other people and become the man. The only way you’re gonna become anything is to control yourself. That used to anger me. I used to have no … my mother used to say, “No self control. No self control. Can’t you control yourself? Can’t you control yourself?” Ultimately, that’s the big game, controlling yourself. Your mind. Your imagination. Your reasoning faculties.

Michael S. Palazzolo

Safety King Founder & Visionary

Michael S. Palazzolo is a state-licensed Mechanical Contractor, spent six years in US Naval Intelligence and in 1969 founded Safety King, Inc., one of the largest air duct cleaning firms in the Midwest.

Mike has been a pioneer in the air duct cleaning industry, developing many of the cleaning tools now standard in the industry. He was the first to move to digital administration, converting to a fully computerized office environment long before most other businesses. In 1987, when the industry began its first national association (NADCA), Palazzolo was a charter member, serving on the founding Board of Directors, and was president of the association in 1991.

Mike’s commitment to indoor air quality extends beyond the work environment. In 1991, the American Lung Association gave Mike their Distinguished Service Award for outstanding achievement in completing a 3300-mile transcontinental fund-raising bicycle trek. Mike’s 40-day bike ride raised over $5000 for the charity.

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