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Yo yo yo yo what’s going on ladies and gentlemen we are live we are live we’re working on some RoboCop helmet stuff for tonight see if we can make some adjustments here

to the old stream okay here’s my finger this over here

we’re just gonna be doing some light sanding light Sandy

oh man

where am I at okay is this a good angle

can you see me

we have a little bit of lag going on right now

put on the old apron

yes I’m doing some sanding in my living room but it’s going to be light sanding so hopefully won’t be too much of a mess I’m just right at my coffee table

see right here with these with these lines I don’t know if you can see these 3D print lines got all these different lines that show up and what you’re trying to accomplish what you’re trying to accomplish is you’re looking to try and smooth all this stuff out see down at the bottom on this see how there’s all kinds of lines that are showing up all of this is supposed to be smoothed out

all of this is supposed to be smoothed out so that is the task for tonight what I’ll do is I’ll do my best to try and smooth these lines out and then I’ll coat it again with another bit of filler primer I’ll show you what the filler primer looks like I’ll show you the stuff that I use

as I get some water

I’ll show you my materials too just recently bought some materials we’ll bust that out

got to set this up people probably want to know about this

should I bust out the mask no it’s no big deal I think I’m going to have too much dust picking up but we’ll pick it up just in case


shutting my airbrush too that I’ve been using

all right here’s the deal

after you’ve printed your 3D print and you’ve you more or less use some some sandpaper to sand the 3D print to the best of your ability next what needs to happen is as you use this you probably seen prior videos of mine where you use this filler primer

use this filler primer and this fills in deep scratches and you can sand it down okay

next that’s the stage that I’m at with with this right here this is kind of like the back piece of the head for the RoboCop helmet

next I think I have to use some aggressive sandpaper for this and once I get that smoothed down I’ll apply the primer once again then once that gets smoothed out and I’m ready to begin painting oh there’s also these little files too if you need to get into some nooks and crannies and kind of [ __ ] oops you need to kind of file things down a little bit you can use this you can use these little files you can get them on Amazon and you can file these things down that way as well

I credit Chris Bosh of Chris Bosh props for this grocery list by the way he made an incredible RoboCop uh suit he’s made two of them two or three of them actually and all this stuff I got from uh from watching his videos on his process but next what I’ll do for the chin guard like underneath the chin guard I had all kinds of supports so I’ve been trying to smooth this out the best I can

but the next thing that that I’m looking to kind of prep for tomorrow especially for this chin guard is I want to apply this matte black paint from Krylon it’s Fusion all in one matte black hopefully this this works fairly well we’ll see how it it looks applied to this chin guard

and then I’m going to apply this also to this back piece

after that I’ve got the RoboCop helmet I’ve smoothed it out fairly well I still have some some rough parts right here but I’m I’m hoping that when I cover this print I don’t know if you can see it we’ll move this out of the way for a little bit I’m hoping

that when I apply this hammered Rust-Oleum paint that hopefully it’ll cover some of this stuff you can see too that this what I did this is my first ever um cleanup of a print and you can see that I lost a lot of detail by using filler primer that’s what can happen I think that maybe the next time when I if I create another helmet like this depending upon how this looks I think that later I’ll apply um maybe like some masking tape to this area before I actually fill this thing with primer because you can you can see how I filled in all of this detail and to tell you the truth I don’t really want to take the time to try and file this stuff and kind of clean this stuff out I’m just using this RoboCop helmet it’s just kind of like a test print to try and make this thing look really good and I’ve got a small 3D printer it’s an Ender 3 and it’s the smallest one I think it’s about like eight inches by eight inches but I I basically used it to piece this thing together this thing is essentially three pieces

there’s a cut here and a cut here and I had to fill in a huge gap right here because it didn’t didn’t print properly so I I made the best of it and I I was able to smooth all of this over I mean this is in really bad shape this seam right here but I’ve been able to to get it fairly close here fairly close and I think I’m ready to paint it and rather than try and nitpick every single detail of the things that look wrong about this I mean there’s there’s all kinds of little little pieces here that that could be corrected but I don’t want to take too long on nitpicking everything because I’ll probably do another helmet at some point but you can see the inside of this thing you can see the the 3D printing lines that that are in here I don’t know if you can see that too well but I could line this with foam but this this is just going to be a presentation piece for for my entertainment center so you can see the cuts see the cuts here got one back here then one right here there’s a huge gap and sometimes using the the super glue on this stuff it can be really nasty I think I’ve been using the Gorilla Glue if you get any of that stuff on your countertop and it’s not protected good luck trying to get that off I made that mistake I’m looking to paint this again with this Rust-Oleum paint and then I’ve got what do I have here I’m looking to paint I think the back of this this is the back of the the helmet goes together something like this

something like that

gotta paint this I believe with that Hammered paint as well and then I’m going to use


to spray on some details I’ve got some hottie paint right here some blue bluish blue flake hobby paint the the um the purple hasn’t come in yet so I might hold off on on doing this stuff this weekend for the helmet I’m not sure yet but I can I think I can still get to the Hammered paint this weekend but I’m looking to spray on this blue flake onto some of the details and the lines because to make this thing really screen accurate there’s some some blue highlights around some of this uh this helmet I’m looking to spray on you don’t I don’t you might not necessarily have to get a compressor I bought this for um essentially painting some Air Jordan shoes that works works fairly well just gives you a light mist of color that yeah you basically turn it on and you can hear that compressor work I’m going to turn it off though turn on again no don’t need to do that but yeah you can buy this off Amazon I think it was like 50 bucks

but yeah that’s what I’ll do with that those are my materials and we’ll see how this turns out but tonight I’m going to focus my attention on just some light sanding we’ll see how well the bottom sands on this stuff and actually I don’t know if you can see there’s a little imperfection right here on this chin guard there’s a few little imperfections I might do a little bit of light light sanding of this tonight is that does that pop up okay you can barely see it that’s the thing when it comes to 3D printing I mean you can obsess over the smallest details I’ve got like a little bit of goop right here that could be corrected but you can obsess to the point to where you’re you’re not pressing on or moving forward with the 3D printing process and finishing this up so these projects can just get laid off to the side if you’re not careful if you’re not diligent in finishing what you’re looking to finish so let’s start

and make sure if you don’t have a sanding block I learned this lesson the hard way if you’re just using your hand to sand

you know portions of this stuff be sure that you’re not slowly sanding off your nails by working with this stuff because sanding I didn’t realize that you can you can basically sand your nails down to the cuticle and that’s what I did when I was aggressively sanding so be careful of that but we’ll start sanding a little bit here lightly

see it’s already starting to go away see how I’ve already sanded just a little bit of the primer that’s okay just going over it lightly and I’m going to call that good good enough for me then I have to put put forth too much pressure on it

I’m going to light sand this little booger of uh filler primer right here sand that off

lightly and I’m using uh three 320 sandpaper on this


sand off that booger

like so what about up here let’s sand a little bit of this

and I’m gonna coat this again with a little bit more filler primer

what about the bottom can I sand out the bottom a little bit more a little booger underneath here

okay how does that look

looks a lot better a lot better than before

when I go a little bit harder a little bit more pressure

how does that look oh much smoother very nice that’s smooth silky smooth right there let’s let’s keep going on this side

clear out some of this stuff oh that’s beautiful that’s beautiful Clark

nice and smooth

what about the bottom you see all this this is from the supports this is all from the supports can I sand that out I don’t know if I don’t think I can I think that’s too deep

smooth enough for me

I think we’re going to call it good on this chin guard

what about right in here I’m gonna turn the fan on it’s getting hot in here be right back oh

yeah this fan will probably blow around all the Dust but I don’t have too much dust going on in here tonight

we’re gonna prop this up a little bit so look kind of cool

so you can see what’s going on

okay inside a little rough

time to sand sand that off

ooh silky smooth silky that’s silky

this side

yeah that’s good enough for me what you’re seeing underneath here I printed this in white pla which is kind of like a white plastic you can see the white in here and you can see the Bondo the coat of Bondo that I use to kind of smooth smooth this thing out too which is kind of like that red orangish color you can see it that’s the Bondo that red orangish color

you know what I think we’re done at least with a chin guard

let’s go a little bit further on on this side

this is called sandable primer sandable filler primer

just a very fine sandpaper

so it’s giving me a nice finish

all right good enough for me on the chin guard what if we focus in on this can I smooth out all of these lines

I don’t think that the current sandpaper grit that I have this 320 is going to cut it I think I need to use some 180. more aggressive sandpaper this is 180.

this is a little bit more aggressive sandpaper

and when you’re using sandpaper the reason why I’m I’m tearing it off and strips like this is because if you if you fold it over the Sandpaper will wear out the other side of the Sandpaper so that’s what you have to be conscious of when you’re using this

because what I did was I when I first started sanding I I just would use a large sheet and I just fold it all over on itself and it basically wore away the the Sandpaper and I basically wasted a whole sheet by doing that so let’s do the bottom remember keep your nails out of the way

I’ll start sanding

foreign [Music]

motions or going in different directions gives you a good effect that helps with this process different directions

yeah that’s deep

very deep

I don’t know we’ll see what we can do tonight I’d like to be able to prep this for tomorrow for tomorrow for uh for paint


this is when a sander could be very very helpful wear out your hand after a while

well we’re getting there it’s smooth it’s smoother than before you can’t really see it within the video because of the the filler primer it’s it’s a lot smoother this was this was uh printed in Black pla by the way

keep going

um maybe I should in this direction

now I’m getting aggressive with it aggressive pressure

smoother closer

and this is something that most people won’t even really see it’s just a detail that that I know about

the black I’m going to be using black matte paint on this people probably won’t even see it but I know in my mind it’s going to be there

much smoother

as far as clearing away the dust a lot of times I’ll just run this under tap water tap water let it dry let it set for a little while and it does the trick because if you leave if you don’t clear out the um the dust after you you sanded them you know you start to lose the detail in your print

I might even have to go aggressive with this stuff I’m not sure yet though this banding

and a lot of these lines come about from the direction in which your your print is oriented on the bed you know because as as this the the printer prints this stuff off you know you might you might get better detail if if you know if this was oriented this way or if it was oriented that way if you have a 3D print to where

the main area or the main surface that’s going to be shown if that is rotated in this direction and all the supports are connecting to the main detail it’s it’s you know the supports and stuff are really going to ruin the finish of the main area that’s going to be shown um on your piece so in other words you don’t want to orient your say your helmet when you’re printing to where the supports are on the or on the underside of the maybe like the forehead area because you’re you’re going to have to sand off supports and it’s going to look ugly

learn that lesson the hard way okay well we’re getting pretty close to being finished with smoothing this this part out

very smooth let’s let’s work on the other side


smoother we’re getting there just trying to find a good angle to be able to sand it


keep on trucking

ah getting better

see how we’re getting we’re sanding down to uh the original pla starting to look black black

make sure you keep your fingernails out of the way don’t want to sand off your fingernails like I did

most people get like one of those sanding blocks but I wonder if you can probably still probably sand off your fingernails even using that

which is why I I’m basically holding it in this fashion

and I’ll go from a different direction

see how it involves some of this stuff can be you can print off all the parts that you want but afterwards you still have to finish it up gotta finish it off I got some little tiny little lines here that look a little funky this is smooth nice and smooth

I’ll tell you what I might even add some filler primer to it just to show you how it looks

nice and smooth

good with that

all right boom now I’m going to wash this off I’m going to take it to the sink and wash off the dust be right back

actually before I do that

I forgot about this stuff these lines see these lines you don’t want that to show up need to sand that down

now which I’m going to go with the light sand


go with the 320. see how well that does

that might do it I don’t know maybe not keep going

watch out for your fingernails

nice and smooth

I think if you get really good with finishing off prints you can be really good with auto body repair

yeah that’s a lot smoother

yeah you you get into a whole occupation by doing this get an auto body repair

if you’re a kid and you’re getting into 3D printing you’re already able you already have a trade or a skill to be able to uh smooth things out

yeah much smoother

still have kind of like a sharp line right here but I think that’s supposed to be there

I think it is

ah well that looks good to me

I’m not sure this Line’s supposed to be there

see if I can sand it just a little bit more

yeah that Line’s starting to go away

all right let’s wash it off

then I can show you how I add another coat of filler primer

you could wear gloves if you wanted to but I don’t know my hands start sweating after a while it gets kind of annoying

all right let’s wash it off be right back


just beautiful

all right I’m going to use some paper towel to dry it hopefully it’ll speed up the the drying process

feel like Geppetto there’s a little workshop

trying everything off

I’m only drawing this with paper towel just to speed up the process just to show you how I do this stuff but normally I just let it air dry

kind of blot it out a little bit

still feels a little slightly rough but no big deal

now I’m going to use some filler primer

normally I’d do this outside but since this is just a small little deal I’m not going to worry too much about it make sure this is really dry

okay good enough for me

all right I’m gonna move some of this stuff off to the side I don’t want to get primer on this

or this

or this

filler primer

should be the next thumbnail right

time for prime time

now take this we’ll shake it up a bit


normally I would again do this outside but this is just a short little blast a primer

I’m just going to do it like this

hold the can it’s kind of horizontal

oops other way dummy come on spray nozzle

some short little blasts watch out for your fingers

I’m gonna do the underside right here that I just sanded just a bit

beautiful next new coat

right here

and make sure we get the underside over here

and we’re done with that

coat this a little bit more


we let that dry that was fast huh but I can see how the primer is slowly starting to drip down into some of the details I put it on a little bit too thick starting to drip down in here so you have to be careful of that but yeah that’s essentially how you do it

what about this area is there anything that I can add some filler primer to to make this a little bit better

I think this is good enough oops what about the underside

smooth enough for me not the other side of this underside of that

I think that’s as good as it gets for this one

about this piece maybe I should do some light sanding of this

I got a lot of gummed up care of pieces in here but the more filler primer that I use I think the worst it’s going to get Maybe

320. try and sand down some of these areas

filler primer can be a a funny thing because it can be your friend but if you lay it on too thick it’ll begin to Gunk up your print it starts to look sloppy

it’s always good to be in a well-lit area too as you’re doing this stuff so you can see the the detail

so if you don’t have enough light it’s just makes it really difficult to see the areas that need to be improved

clearing away some of the gunky stuff

so you can spend a lot of time on all of these details if you’re too much of a perfectionist though you’ll never get this stuff done

that’s a goal you want to be able to finish this stuff right

you’re seeing the underlying Bondo now

that’s how you can judge whether you’re going too deep with your uh with your sanding too

for getting down to the Bondo you know how close you’re getting to the uh the original print

it’s almost like the sustainable primer kind of melts into some of the the defects which is kind of nice

as you’re smoothing this stuff out makes it nice and smooth

wondering if I should do that with a helmet

I think I might sand light light sand the helmet one more time


if I use some of these files will that work

too aggressive


here’s the file that I’m using that’s the tip

just got and bought it off Amazon


like a dentist with a with a pick

let’s get back to a little bit more sanding

Tandy don’t you like Sandy

who’s your favorite little rascal alfalfa or is it Spanky dinner

I want to clear out some of this junk

just a little bit of irregularity at the top here

about this

I’m just randomly going around

and trying to bring back some detail


trying to sand this area


a little better still see some stuff that so much Gunk and these details


tedious work right but in order to get something that you want you know like a like this RoboCop helmet might not be your deal but for other people it is so they’re willing to spend time on it try and get it to the place that they want it

that’s passion

passion to stick with something

no matter what

what are you willing to stick to persistently stick with

when things don’t might not go your way when the the print looks ugly it’s not going the way that you not going in the direction that you’d like it to go in but then eventually if you keep at it for long enough

you start to see a little bit of Headway or you you start making a little bit of Headway it’s kind of like relationships right yeah they’re kind of ugly maybe for a Time but then as you progress you stick with it you keep keep massaging it and sanding it down sometimes you’re you’re using rough sandpaper or fine sandpaper to kind of Whittle down the details of different things that you’d like to change eventually you get to something that’s beautiful or something that you’re proud of

so I ask you again what are you passionate about some people are passionate about cars they’re willing to stick to all of the problems that they have with trying to make the engine work properly they’re willing they’re willing to stick out issues that they have with maybe the the transmission isn’t working properly so they keep on working on that

they have like a little car in their garage like a little project that they work on they call that a passion project something that you just work on every once in a while to try and Whittle down the details so much so that eventually you get something that you can be proud of and show off

is there something that you’re proud of that you can show off in life

if you don’t that might be something to work on

I think every man can have access to Passion projects

things that eventually once they get it corrected or fixed they can point to it and say yeah I was a part of that I did that

see all these little details all these other these little details people will probably ignore

but when you’re passionate about something if you want to see something come to fruition fruition means complete more or less manifest that’s another word there’s something you want to manifest in life sometimes you have to work through the stupid things that happen in life

in order to get to that goal

for some folks if it doesn’t come easy they don’t want to do it at all would you consider that a passion project then if a person if it doesn’t come easy to them were they that passionate about whatever they were doing to begin with

see all how all this stuff is kind of gunked up

gunked up by that filler primer

well the thing that I’m willing to stick with is RoboCop for right now

I don’t have room to be able to work on a car I don’t know if I’m really that passionate about cars

I have to use some water to dig out some of that detail

I remember when I was a little kid my mom tried to get me into piano I didn’t like piano I wasn’t passionate about piano but there is some there’s some hobbies that you get into that eventually you kind of grow into it and you do develop a passion for it you don’t know how it comes or where it comes from but somehow there’s a passion that develops sometimes relationships are that way or over time

there’s a passion that gets developed I don’t know if you’ve ever fallen for a uh friend before a female friend that initially you really weren’t that attracted to him but there was something after a while that did attract you to them

you developed a passion for them

life can work that way

and to clear out some of this stuff foreign

starting to run out of uh 320 here


maybe your passion is a side hustle maybe you’re passionate about making money

some people can be passionate about that

is there anything wrong with making money no

at least I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it


I’m gonna wash this off and then I might prime it one more time be right back

where’s my paper towel paper towel paper towel here we go I think it’s dry by now

probably shouldn’t have left that there

it’s good

okay we’re gonna Prime this again foreign take this this is dry by now

oh it’s a little tacky right here gotta be careful

I need to go over that again anyways

okay time to prime it again

move some of this stuff out of the way


light mist

this is very satisfying isn’t it

oh too thick

too thick

that’s about it for that

yeah sometimes they lay it on a little too thick it’s an accident mistake it happens

all right leave that this way I’m gonna go over this part again

call that good

let’s do a little bit of helmet sanding actually before I do that if I hit this one more time

I don’t think I washed this off be right back

this is all done on my coffee table by the way

I’m looking a lot of Underside here that I should probably shouldn’t worry about that

shouldn’t worry about that

you can see the white pla the original pla

you can see all the goop around here

but that’s going to be hidden

all right do I really even need to spray primer on this

need to be sanded more

make sure this is refined yeah 320.

getting into the nooks and crannies on this puppy


got some boogers down here he said boogers boogers

this is where I think I had a bunch of supports attached so it kind of boogers up the the details yeah I said boogers again boogers

I think they call this craftsmanship

are you a Craftsman

should I bother filing this down


some 180 on this puppy

looking hot friction [Music]

ooh smooth nice and smooth [Music]

all right [Music]

nice let’s try the other side

I’m using 180.

180 Grit


nice and smooth nice and smooth up in here

I remember In Living Color Jim Carrey played Joey buttafuco and he’d always say Joy but we’ll go over here

he’d always go

yboard we’ll go over here

I’m sorry

whoa we ain’t crazy up in here

maybe I should do that for a short here we go let’s do it again hey do it again do it again all right here it comes

over here

yeah there’s a short right there

all right

yeah that’ll be my uh sitting on the toilet moment there’s a YouTube there’s a chick like 10 years ago that did a video of her uh oops maybe I should switch us back here here we go yeah she she did a uh video 10 years back of she’s singing a song of sitting on the toilet sitting on the toilet

made her a YouTube sensation that thing went viral man she’s raking in the dough on that video that was purely unique that was that was totally authentic they’re sitting on the toilet

sitting on the toilet

yeah that’s the thing about YouTube you gotta you gotta be careful what do you what do you want to be what do you really want to be you want to be known for that or do you want to be known for something else

and it’s all up to you

maybe that’s why I stick with like to me this is like a wholesome hobby you know so it’s not my like I like RoboCop

I mean how much how much yourself are you willing to show the public do you do you really want to show you really want to show your Johnson to the public you know what I mean it’s like

a bit much a little too much you feel exposed after a while you know because you you’re revealing too much you’re revealing your I guess you could say you’re revealing your ass you know what do you want to be known for you want to be known for a guy that just shows your ass I think women do that on Instagram but that could be short-lived

okay we’re good with that time to uh I was saying that a little bit more just a little bit

yeah I remember Chris Rock he’s got he had a bit to where you know if you want to make money in this world show your ass [Laughter] you’ll make all kinds of money showing your ass

and you’ll be known for a person that shows their ass

all right



all right time to wash it off

looks good

it’s beautiful beautiful

for whatever reason I got Adam Sandler he had a comedy CD got that one of his uh tracks on the seat on a comedy CD by Adam Sandler it’s stuck in my head right now

he used to do a bit on this CD called the buffoon he’s gone I got a snake man

it was slithering this way and that

I got a snake man

all right do I add primer to this no I’m not gonna worry about it

just a little bit a little bit

[Applause] thank you light mist

it’s probably an art to this

I bet you’re looking at this and you see how shaky my hands are what’s up Mr mcshake shakes

so Mr mcshakey Shake shakes

all right

as I’m spraying my hand

uh what am I doing do it this way

will it stay nope damn

all right now how am I gonna let this dry

It’s gotta dry gotta dry somehow clock there we go good enough

all right what about the helmet helmet should I sand this down just a little bit more let’s do it we got to move some of this stuff out of the way though somehow so I know I don’t want dust all over it how about I find a new place for this stuff I shall return

thank you

we’ll move this

and this

and this

time for a little Coke how about Coca-Cola

nothing but the best

original taste foreign


okay we need to find

that’s 180 180.

320. that’s what we’re looking for 320.

I think this is about toast

fold this in half let’s work on the helmet feels a little rough

smoother over

it was very light

nice circular motion I don’t know if that’s the right way or the wrong way that’s the way I do it

thank you

clean out all some of all this gunk a little bit more


ity would this be considered an ASMR video

or does the fact that I’m I’m talking in between kind of mess it up

if somebody’s listening to listening and relaxing to the sweet sounds of someone sanding a Robocop helmet and they hear me talking in the background is

I think I’m screwing up their ASMR experience

wasn’t a guy talking in the background kind of really rules of our experience

my brother’s crazy

I primed this thing so many times this filler primer

this is hard man it’s hard like finishing something like this off to the to the place to where it looks like you’re you’re proud of it you know you want to be proud of something something

oh I could feel a little

like this piece could just snap right off be careful

I want to have to redo this stuff all over again that would suck

sometimes this pla stuff can be very fragile it can be very brittle

I hope you’re not falling asleep to me hello mess you up with my voice [Laughter]

wake up

oh careful there’s a slight line showing up don’t want to go too far

and you have to go through the process all over again

okay I think we’re good on a light sanding


get that little booger off of here that would be nice


let’s wash it off

damn literature


all right I think we’re good for tonight

oh I just need to dry this puppy off

I’m gonna dry it off

this seam right here is weak you can see a slight line developing gotta be careful of that you can even see it developing right here that’s fragile


I think maybe some filler primer might fill in that crack

that’s the stuff you deal with decisions that have to be made

feels nice and smooth now

I’m gonna bend over now um ah oh we got some ugly stuff right here let’s fix that just a little bit just a little bit

little Keith Sweat just a little bit

Just a Touch [Music]

yeah I can’t make that go away

tougher stuff some tough love

that’s better

conditioner is better

I keep the hair silky and smooth

remember I got a snake man

all right I think we’re calling it good for tonight

not bad not bad

man that this worries me right here

I might put some extra Gorilla Glue on that

that’s it folks where are we at tonight

didn’t quite get to two hours but close very happy well until next time folks thank you for uh sticking with me on this live feed as I look to complete this RoboCop helmet we’ll get there eventually but thanks for sticking around thanks for hanging out with my goofiness and until next time take care God bless and peace

Charles Ellison

Author Charles Ellison

I create digital paintings of pop culture, movies, icons and anything that inspires me. Time flies when I’m creating something that begins to take shape. It’s been great transitioning from traditional pencil and paper to work digitally. A tablet and stylus has really brought my artwork to life!

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