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The Collective: How to Design a Business Networking Logo

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Recently, my sister Cynthia Sparre, a Senior Regional Leader at Primerica, approached me about creating a new logo for a new business networking group. Her and a group of others were starting The Collective: Business Networking Group, with Chapters at StoryPoint Serior Living Community in Chesterfield Township, and The CoLABorative in Mount Clemens, Michigan.

StoryPoint – Chesterfield Chapter

The CoLaborative – Mt. Clemens Chapter

Round 1

First, I asked for a few examples of a logo they liked, or a sketch of what they were thinking. Then, I simply went to work on the overall font layout mixing serif and san serif fonts to create some variety. I stick with just working with black and white while in the preliminary design phase.

Providing three initial logos is a good amount to show the client. Any more than that, people tend to get overwhelmed with the amount of choices.

Round 2

Next, I experimented with a circular text effect. These types of logos can be difficult to place on websites and letterheads due to spacing. As a second option, I created another logo with more of a rectangular layout for better placement.

Now we have options when the logos are given to a printer. The circular logo would be great for square objects like stamps, and the rectangular logo could work best on pencils and pens.

Round 3

Later, the name was changed from “Collective Connections” to “The Collective.” I wasn’t sure if the new name would work well with the heavily favored circular logo. It was a simple change, and everybody felt the new name was simple and to the point.


Lastly, The Collective: Business Networking Group logo was finalized. We decided to keep the colors simply black and white for now. The Collective – Chesterfield and Mount Clemens Chapters meet every month.

StoryPoint Senior Living Community
51760 Gratiot Avenue
Chesterfield, MI 48051

The coLABorative
21 N. Main Street
Mount Clemens, MI 48043

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