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What if I hit combine down what does that do oh it gives me a brand new group look at that then I make I have this over here oops gotta put this into the group

combine down nope don’t want to do that

how do I add this to the group

combined down there we go

got a whole new group here

I could change it this way with my new group I could narrow it down this way

what if I scale oops uniform scale this up

there’s that what if

what if I distort this

to where I do something like that

does that get me any closer to where I want to be

I don’t know it’s a little different

Charles Ellison

Author Charles Ellison

I create digital paintings of pop culture, movies, icons and anything that inspires me. Time flies when I’m creating something that begins to take shape. It’s been great transitioning from traditional pencil and paper to work digitally. A tablet and stylus has really brought my artwork to life!

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